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The most important thing about practicing is being consistent and mindful.  Very young students may practice 15 minutes but do it many times throughout the day.  Parental involvement is essential at this stage.  Older students should practice according to their levels.  Usually a 45-minute practice session is minimum for an older beginner student.  Each lesson the students are suggested to bring their own recording device, and the lessons are to be recorded to help them remember how to practice during the entire week.    


There will be two studio recitals each year.  Locations and times will be announced a few weeks in advance.  All students of the studio will be asked to take the state theory test each Fall.  If a student would rather not to participate in this recommended event, please notify Dr. Zhang at the beginning of each school year.


Billing occurs quarterly with tuition due date set to be ONE week prior to the upcoming quarter.

Each student will be billed
13 lessons for 1st Quarter (Jan-Mar); 13 lessons for 2nd Quarter (Apr-Jun); 10 lessons for 3rd Quarter (Jul-Sep); and 11 lessons for 4th Quarter (Oct-Dec).

The number of lessons indicated for each quarter is required minimum for a student to remain enrolled in Dr. Zhang’s studio.  Any additional lessons and all other activities/fees will be billed as they occur.  

Tuition will be prorated if the student enrolls in the middle of a quarter, in that case, payment is due upon reservation of the time slot for the remaining quarter.  All invoices will be sent electronically.  Payments can be made with cash, personal paypal, or checks payable to Dr. Ying Zhang.  All returned checks is subject to a $25.00 fee. 


If a lesson is cancelled by Dr. Zhang for any reasons, she will offer the option of an lesson credit, or make-up lesson. 

If a student needs to cancel a lesson, a make-up lesson is offered if given a
five day notice.  The only exception to the five day notice is in the case of an emergency such as: personal accident, severe or sudden illness.  

No make-up lessons would be given for:  

  • Last minute cancellation (except for the case of an emergency)
  • No call, no show
  • Excessive absences

If the make-up lesson is missed or cancelled by the student for any reasons, the lesson is forfeited. 

Missed lessons create setbacks and obstacles that are extremely problematic for piano learning.  The problem is particularly severe in beginner and intermediate level students.  Therefore, I require all studio students to make the commitment to come to their weekly lessons throughout the academic year.  


Please allow ONE month notification if a student wishes to withdraw from lessons.  In the case where a student changes his mind about lessons, but fails to give advanced notice, his or her tuition will not be refunded.   
Dr. Zhang reserves the right to terminate lessons to any student without notice. In such case a refund for unused lessons will be given.   


Neither the Spotlight Piano Studio - Dr. Ying Zhang, nor its instructors shall be liable for any injuries, damages, or loss that may have resulted by reason of voluntary participation in lesson activities.  This waiver shall be effective as long as the student is enrolled at the studio.   


Spotlight Piano Studio - Dr. Ying Zhang request permission to allow the student's name, image, audio, or video to be used for any media release that is in part or fully associated with the studio or Dr. Zhang.  If you do not wish to give permission to this media release, please send in a signed letter at the time of enrollment.