International Spotlight Piano Competition 


The 2020 International Spotlight Piano Competition is open to pianists of any nationality, worldwide, up to the age of 23.  For all categories, participants must be of qualifying age on July 12, 2020. Collegiate participants must be entering, or currently enrolled in a college, university, or conservatory anywhere worldwide.   


Junior (ages 10-14): 10 minutes 
Three contrasting solo pieces.  One selection from Baroque Period, one from Classical period, and one free choice.

Advanced (ages 15-18): 12 minutes
Three contrasting solo pieces.  One virtuoso Etude (Chopin or Liszt), one from Classical period, and one free choice.

Collegiate (up to age 23): 15 minutes

Three Contrasting style solo pieces.  

Competition Rounds:

There will be two rounds for the 2020 competition.  (1) Qualifying Round - participant must submit an original electronic video. A panel of judges will select up to seven finalists per category from this round. Notification letters should be expected by July 18, 2020.  (2) Final Round - live performance in Houston, TX on August 23, 2020.  The performance will be open to public.    

 - All performances must be from memory  
 - Long sections of repeats may be omitted
 - Performances will be stopped when maximum time allowed is reached
 - Finalists must provide one ORIGINAL music score for the judges (no photocopies allowed)
 - All decisions of the judges are final

Awards and Prizes:

Junior (ages 10-14)
First Prize: Gold Medal,
$400 cash
Second Prize: Silver Medal,
$200 cash

Advanced (ages 15-18)
First Prize: Gold Medal,
$800 cash
Second Prize: Silver Medal,
$400 cash

Collegiate (up to age 23)

​First Prize: Gold Medal, $2000 cash
Second Prize: Silver Medal, 
$800 cash

Announcement, Award Ceremony and Winner’s Concert:

Announcement of winners will be made at the conclusion of each category.  All winners must present at the evening’s Award Ceremony and perform at the Winner’s Concert.  

Travel and Accommodation:

All finalists must arrange and provide their own travel, visa, and accommodation expenses.  

Application Procedure:

Participant must submit the following by DEADLINE: 
July 12, 2020

1. Electronic Registration Form (Click
2. Competition Entry Payment

Junior Category $120 USD (Pay Online Here)           

Advanced Category $150 USD (Pay Online Here)

Collegiate Category $200 USD (Pay Online Here)

3. An original video (uploaded with the registration form, or via email)

All Finalist must submit a high quality digital photo and a short biography 10 days prior to the public performance.

All first round videos and communications should be sent to:

The competition committee reserves the rights to change or cancel the competition in case of unpredicted outcomes. In such case, the application fee will be refunded.

(281) 816-7688

International Spotlight Performing Arts Academy - 亮点国际艺术学校